Scanned Copies of Government Gazette showing the details of the Waqf properties:


Honorable Bombay High Court in Writ Petition No. 2906/2004, 899/2011 Writ Petition (L) 357/2011 has set aside the lists of Waqfs prepared and published by the Waqf Board dated 13-11-2003 & 30-12-2004 against which the, Maharashtra State Board of Waqfs, has moved SLP (Civil) 31288-31290/2011. By orders dated 29-11-2011 Honorable Supreme Court has Stayed the order passed of Honorable Bombay High Court on 21-9-2011. The legality or otherwise correctness of the Government Gazette is subject to the out come and results of these S.L.P.