Activities of Waqf Board


1.  Transfer of files of Charity Commissioner of 7000 Trusts.
2.  Transfer of Rs. One CRORE fund from Charity Commissioner.
3.   Restoration of Waqf lands: i) Kabrastan Madalmohi, Beed. ii) Gulshan Mahel iii) 32 acres of land of Ghosla, Tq. Raigad. iv) Notices in 27 cases.
4.   Protection of Properties: i) Daultabad ii) Rozabaugh iii) Barudgarnala iv) Kabrastan.
5.   Development of properties: i) Panchakki – started. 5 proposals ready. 20 properties surveyed.
6.   Encroachment – recovery of rent: i) Survey of 20 sites completed ii) Rent Committee established.
7.   Strengthening financial position: i) Tender receipt increased by 22 Lakhs ii) Fees revised – income doubled iii) 4000 Notices sent to trustees iv) Waqf Fund recovery increased from 20 Lakhs to 45 Lakhs.
8.   Development of Dargah premises: i) Sulabh Shochalaya – Parbhani ii) Construction of Sarai – Raunaparada .
9.   Office automation: i) Improvement in discipline ii) Computerization iii) Record Room iv) Renovation of Masjid premises.
10. Website Development.


  • Development of Panchakki.
  • Regional Offices / District Offices
  • Development of Dargah, Kabrastan premises
  • Development of 20 sites through BOT
  • Restoration of Waqf Properties / encroachment removal
  • Welfare program – Scholarship, increase in Honorarium of Imam and Moazins etc.
  • Record computerization
  • District / Regional facilitation centers
  • Rent revision of old buildings.